Remote Warehouse
Mobile App

Accelerate your Remote Logistics Execution Operations

Eliminate delays and reconciliation errors due to manual processing of paperwork


Increase warehouse and work efficiency


Maintain the required stock levels through real-time inventory information monitoring

Improve efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes by better monitoring your stock levels and carrying out goods movement operations through Remote Warehouse app - even when your warehouse is at the remotest location possible. The application provides the key warehouse operations - Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, and Stock Overview optimized for intermittent, low, and no network connectivity situations.


Essential Transactions Optimized for the Field

Network Connectivity Support




Technology Stack

SAP Mobile Platform, ERP

Mobile Device Support

Apple iPad


Features & Value Drivers

Intuitive, streamlined user interface with configurable user defaults and preferences

Geo-mapping feature for plant and storage locations with geo-fencing control option for transactions

Authorization driven, user-centric process flows and follow-on action controls

Designed to provide an uninterrupted user experience even in intermittent, low, or no network connectivity situations

Seamless integration with SAP ERP with support for manufacture part number (MPN) profiles

Multi-mode data synchronization settings with alerts dashboard to monitor data transmissions


Access Information Anywhere, Anytime

Designed to provide an uninterrupted user experience, the app uses advanced data caching techniques to provide access to functionality and data during intermittent, low, and no network connectivity situations. The in-app synchronization console provides visibility into transactions status and offers multiple data synchronization modes - automatic, on-demand, full, selective, and at transaction.

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